We are much more than a management company, we work closely with our clients to make sure that they understand their direction and work towards it. 

We help to monetize the careers of actors, models, athletes, recording artist, sports entertainers and others. The entertainment business is not one dimensional and as a client of UCWE you have to be multidimensional in order to capitalize on your success.

We offer  our clients innovative ways to get their name out there, from strategic public relations strategies to connecting with the right people in the industry. We work hard to get them where they hope to be without painting a false picture. To find out how we may be an asset to your career feel free to email us at management@ucwe.comse picture.

UCW Entertainment

UCWE Represents Actors, Athletes, Recording Artists, Musicians, Producers, Models, Martial Artists, MMA Fighters, Pro Wrestlers/Sports Entertainers and More.

Contact UCWE and Find out How UCWE Can Be an Asset to you Career.

We Work Closely with our Clients to help them Realize their realistic Goals and monetize their careers as much as possible.

If you are Looking for that Personal Touch from your Management Team Then you need to contact UCWE at management@ucwe.com 

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