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UCWE is a Sports & Entertainment management company specializing in athlete and entertainer representation. Our goal is to assist athletes and entertainers to reach their goals in their perspective careers. UCWE represents and assists our clients in several areas including athletic endorsements, new business ventures, media relations, public relations, marketing, legal, finance and accounting representation.

Founded in 1995

UCWE has a  mission and that is to assist each of our clients in reaching their goals both on the field or stage and off. This is all in an effort to assist them in their quest to attain the highest possible level of success in their perspective career as well as to maximize their financial earnings.

UCWE treats each and every one of our clients as a very important client, with all the respect and attention needed and deserved. UCWE makes it a point to be accessibly to our clients because client service is one of our major priorities.

UCWE understands the needs of clients and try to meet or exceed their expectations of what a management company should be doing for them. UCWE assist current top athletes and entertainers as well as Sports Entertainers, up and coming talent on the entertainment front which include Musician, Actors, Actresses, Models, Film Makers and more. If you think that you have the talent to go all the way and just need the right representation to help you achieve your dreams perhaps we can be of help.

Contact UCWE at management@ucwe.com and find out if we can help you. All inquires and client information are  kept strictly confidential.

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